Month: December 2016

When BH was a poor college student he did the following

His girlfriend at the time said it was the most romantic evenings she’d ever had. He covered all the furniture in his dorm room with white sheets to give a continuous effect in the room. Then he put white lit candles everywhere he safely could. No other light in the room. He did a mix cd of the music they both loved and had it playing softly on a loop in the background.

For their meal he made a deluxe picnic meal, complete with a red and white table cloth, cloth napkins and nice plates. They had a rich elegant dessert with their meal. Then later went walking in the snow that was outside—of course you can’t walk in the snow, but you could walk in the moonlight.

Another time he had asked her ahead of time what her favorite dates had been in the past, then he duplicated as many of the events as possible in one night. Ask Pete his favorite memories of your dating days and then go from that in conjunction with your favorites.