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I have mentioned that we got an extended warranty for our washer, which we bought 2 years ago. I asked dh what the warranty cost at that time … He thinks it was about $300 for several years, 2-3? He then reminded me it more than paid for itself on ONE of the several service calls… when the transmission went out, just the transmission cost $900 to replace. That $900 was well more than the cost of the washer alone. I think the washer was about $500 give or take. In this instance, it has been well worth it, regardless of what Martin recommends.

That make two cc gone

The first was Lowe’s in December, but it was originally around $5,000. I’m getting into the big guys now, but if all goes according to plan and we just follow the snowball the last cc will be gone by March 2015 (it was originally over $42,000—currently at !2,500). The two mortgages will be gone by May 2016. That is just paying the snowball minimums and you KNOW I’m not going to piddle along that long. I’m thinking all gone by Dec 2014 at the latest. Dh thinks I’m dreaming, but then he thought it would take us the full time to pay off the two cc we have already paid off too.