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Big Snake – really big snake. DEAD SNAKE!

The snake was HUGE. Most snakes we re-home because they have a purpose on this earth. But this one had no purpose whatsoever that we could see. In fact it could be deadly not only to all our dreams but to our actual lives if we weren’t careful. It slithered through the pastures of the peaceful times of our lives and the weeds of our despair. It seems like it had always been there. Just out of the reach of the weapon that would take its life. It didn’t die easily, we had to keep hacking and hacking at in. First tentatively with little blows to it, but it seemed as if it was part hydra, it kept coming back for more and growing ever so slightly every time we looked at it. But finally we struck it with one final triple whammy blow and it died!

We killed our little B.O.A. today!!! Over a year ahead of schedule per the snowball, and three years ahead of our contract with them. Our first $10,000+ original balance charge card GONE! No longer would it grow back a dollar here a dollar there in interest. No longer could it choke our financial future. It is dead and it will remain that way forever. We achieved the seemingly impossible. We killed the hydra that was Bank of America—at least the little one. The big one still lives, but even its power is fading on a monthly basis.

I realized on the 18 of May that with our budgeted payments through June we’d be within $179 of having BOA paid off by October 30, although the snowball chart was showing only two payments for that time frame and said it would be mid to late September, because we pay some out of every pay check we have come in on the pet bill there would be four payments scheduled. Couldn’t take it, had to get rid of it BEFORE October 30 and we did it! So what if I shorted our groceries a bit this month, the critters are eating fine and we have our food storage. The three of us could stand to lose a little weight (heck a lot of weight) This was an interest bearing (6.9%) account so it felt REALLY good to get rid of it so much earlier than scheduled.

Next on the hit list– the Grinch that is Best Buy!!!! If all goes according the snowball plan it will be paid off in November of 2018, but then I’ve set a goal for THIS Christmas. It’s a pretty big plan considering we owe so much on it and my monthly minimum payment including the snowball is now only $425, but that is what I am going to try to do. Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas is my plan. The BB, our other BOA, and our little Chase are all real close in balance due, hovering between $4,900 and $4,700 each (down from well over $10,000 each) and since BB is a company that were real b….errrr witches to us when we were unemployed plus they are charging 9.9% interest they are definitely going NEXT. Even though technically the Little Chase, who is charging us ZERO interest, is about $200 lower in balance.