I struggled with this years ago

I saw my score decline, and as you, I have a business to run which in some ways depends upon my business associates preconceived “credit worthiness” using the FICO score. I fought with my mortgage company to keep reporting a zero balance for instance, same thing for the last car I purchased on credit, but finally the fight to keep reporting zero balances just wasn’t worth it any more and I watched the score decline. I had some casket companies who all of the sudden started requiring a deposit, which they were going to keep for me and pay interest on the deposit at the end of 36 months – when I (the business) had been working with them for 40 years. I dropped them and went with different vendors. The same thing happened when it came time to renew a vehicle insurance policy which had been in force for 16 years at the time and at times during that tenure, had over 20 cars on it. At first I appealed their decision to, in my estimation, arbitrarily raise rates not on our policy history, but on a score which might suggest that we were a risk. I won the appeal, then decided that it would probably be something which would occur again so I dropped them and moved my business to another carrier. Lot of work, but it was the principle which wouldn’t allow me to stay.

I said all of that to say that I pay more for car insurance than I probably need to but I like the idea of a company which looks at the business/person regardless of a three digit score.