Here’s a couple of things to try

First if you are otherwise happy with your price and service, try talking to the head manager at your service branch. You were likely talking to office staff which usually has little flexibility to make changes. If you get no where with it, as your these new policies in writing. Often there is nothing in writing and that will give you more negotiating power. You can call the company directly (the head office not your branch) and try to work something out. If you still get no where, let them know you plan to shop around. Just because you lease their tank doesn’t mean you can’t leave the company. A new company can set a tank and Amerigas can pick up their tank. As a new customer, you will likely get a good set price and fill. Of course after that initail fill the price will increase so MAKE SURE you ask what the price will be going forward.

I know that buying your own tank may not be in the cards right now, but I would make it a priority to save up to do so. Dh says you will always have more power as a customer if you own your own tank. Companies know that it’s easier for you to shop somewhere else if you own your own tank. You will almost always get a better price too.

He also suggests getting on a refil program that is like once every three months. Even if you only do a 1/2 fill each time. The more you pop up into their computer systems the more they see you as a loyal customer….again they will want to work with you more if they see that.

That is all I can think of right now, I will email you again if I think of more.