We decided to go with BB because:

1. They are so horrible to deal with and now they are with Capital One—who I don’t even want to discuss.

2. They’ve already changed our contract TWICE( once raising the minimum we must pay to keep the “deal” and once to raise us from zero interest to the 9.9% interest) with no warning, I have been expecting it again since Capital One took over—They are some nasty folks I found out when handling dmil’s accounts. I want to kill that account before they discover what I’m doing and jump the interest rate! With national interest rates looking to rise soon the faster I get this card paid off the better off we will be.

3. 9.9% interest—we’ll save well over that $200 difference by paying it off early (around $400-$500 will be saved in fact).

4. I don’t want to have to re-arrange my snowball chart which is showing the Chase balance higher than it actually is for some reason by $428 –that will look sweet as an ‘extra’ payment when it is Chase’s turn.

5. BB only gets $110 a month before the snowball (with the snowball it will now get $425), Chase gets $214 so it is going down much faster than BB with the basic payment anyway.

6. Did I mention I HATE Best Buy? The only way I go in there is to do a mystery shop, or to collect on a warranty any more. They don’t even get my cash purchases!

So we didn’t rehome this snake, instead we hacked it to death with our gazelle hooves as we ran from the cheetahs in the pack behind the snake. Hopefully in the next few months I’ll have more to report that the even bigger snake (previously maxed out at around $17,000) has died a quick death.