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That is why Sears is screwed up and what I meant in a previous post about the sales division and the repair division not communicating. They spent way more money trying to fix something than it’s worth. All our repairs for this washer were done in less than about 15 months or so … by […]


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I have mentioned that we got an extended warranty for our washer, which we bought 2 years ago. I asked dh what the warranty cost at that time … He thinks it was about $300 for several years, 2-3? He then reminded me it more than paid for itself on ONE of the several service […]

Prior to “Plan” we purchased the extended warranties on two different cars for ds

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Strangely enough when the cars had problems the repairs were not covered. We had a drive train warranty, and when the drive train went bad, they claimed that particular section wasn’t covered. Had it for electronics repair—not covered. Was told that the motor was covered when we purchased extended warranty—nope they found a loop hole. […]

Um, yes, your mileage may vary a lot and figuring out when it will vary is the biggest trick around!

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As I said we usually say “no” excep the washer and microwave we bought a couple of years ago when we bought our current home. The microwave is so heavy and has so much in the way of electronics, dh insisted. The washer is an “HE” washer and also very computerized. The maintenance agreement/extended warranty […]

Now that I’m in a better mood, and thinking more constructively (as opposed to OMG)

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I wanted to go back and say thanks Sharon for your post about being in business with a falling credit score. It really made a huge difference that day in terms of me getting a grip on the idea that my credit rating is falling like a rock. Now I’ve got some followup questions: First, […]